About Ellis Marketing

ELLIS MARKETING helps businesses maximize brand impact, communicate more effectively and build sales, customer loyalty and competitive advantage – through strategically focused, innovative thinking and superior execution.

Started in 1998, we have evolved into what we call a “virtual agency” – a “behind the scenes” network of senior‐level professionals from every marketing discipline, ready to serve you at a moment’s notice… more efficiently and productively… without any agency mark‐up.

You pay only for what your assignment requires, not the additional staffing and trappings of a traditional marketing or advertising agency. Because of our business model, we can seamlessly provide the creativity, quality and impact of a major agency, without charging you for the extra overhead and frills.

And you’ll have a senior marketer, not a junior account executive, as your consistent point of contact throughout every assignment.

“An important part of the value that Steve provides is his ability to quickly understand the core issues and translate that understanding into creative ideas, perceptive copy and targeted, strategically‐sound marketing solutions that are precisely executed.”