Energize your Lean Initiatives

For over 15 years, Ellis Marketing has worked as a marketing partner with TBM Consulting Group (www.tbmcg.com), the global leader in Lean business improvement. Steve and his team have provided marketing consulting; developed TBM’s advertising, sales materials and presentations; written and managed the design of their website; videotaped numerous Kaizen and other Lean events; and executed numerous other marketing, sales and communications assignments.

In the process, we have developed a comprehensive knowledge of the tools of Lean, Six Sigma and LeanSigma that we leverage to assist organizations either launching or attempting to energize their own Lean activities. Building and sustaining a culture of Continuous Improvement at every level of your organization is the most critical activity in your Lean initiative – and an essential foundation to your long‐term success.

Our clients use our video and marketing support materials to:

  • Prepare employees for the change ahead
  • Educate them on key Lean principles and tools they will be using
  • Generate buy‐in and enthusiasm for the Lean initiative
  • Address and overcome concerns/resistance/skepticism
  • Answer questions that typically arise

Steve Ellis recently partnered with another Lean veteran in the video field, Steve White, to form Lean Momentum Video Productions. Together, we have filmed and photographed over 50 Kaizen and other Lean events on three continents, working with TBM consultants and clients. Our clients typically use a cost‐effective combination of original video production and customized “off‐the‐shelf” video programs we have already developed around specific Lean topics, such as the Kaizen event, key Lean tools and techniques, the history of Lean, etc.

Original production usually involves location shooting of between one and three of a client’s initial Kaizen events. We not only film the week’s activities, but conduct unobtrusive, “work in progress” interviews with all participants, so we can illustrate the tremendous power of this improvement tool, as well as the culture change occurring during the week. Our “off‐the‐shelf” programs contain a set structure and narration, but can be visually customized for a client with their own footage and logo.

The payoffs of a motivated, energized workforce, focused on achieving your company’s Lean improvement objectives can have enormous implications for your company’s performance and competitive position, especially in today’s environment. Lean Momentum Video can help you achieve those objectives, with customized, cost‐effective and impactful tools. Click here to find out more.