Website Development

Website Development and Optimization; Internet, Email and New Media Marketing

From the initial concept, navigation development and copywriting through design, programming, maintenance and training.

We believe that your website can and should be one of your most dynamic, powerful sales and branding tools. It should establish immediate credibility and confidence and engage the visitor visually and with content and interactivity. The sites we create are easy to navigate and communicate quickly and clearly. And they provide reasons for visitors to return. We do not believe in design and effects that do not support your branding and business objectives.

Our email blasts are seamless, as if they came directly from your mailbox. Responses go directly to you and we track key metrics. Here’s a client comment after a recent email blast was sent out for them: “Within minutes of the blast going out, my phone started ringing and email responses started pouring in from customers we hadn’t heard from in ages. The message was so compelling that people were eager to find out more.”

Website Improvement Evaluations

If your website has been up for a year or more, we strongly encourage you to bring us in for a website audit. We’ll thoroughly review your site’s content and functionality, from your customer’s perspective, and provide specific improvement recommendations.

In the Words of our Clients

“Our website has been an invaluable business resource. It provides tremendous credibility and conveys the level of expertise we offer, as well as the achievements and loyalty of our clients. I believe it is the best site in our industry.”

“I did not appreciate the importance or value of a website until you wrote and developed ours. Clients tell how they chose our firm based on the credibility and sincerity of the content and look. The site is simple and crisp and perfectly reflects the personality and capabilities of our firm. It is an extraordinarily helpful marketing tool and far surpasses anything else out there in our field.”

“I’d like to thank you for your endless creativity, honesty, patience and hard work on our new website. You were able to make things happen without me having to put much effort into the process. If it was not for you, I would have never ever put site together in such a professional, creative and timely fashion.”

“Thanks for your kind words of praise, but Steve Ellis and his talent deserve all the credit!”

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